Green Impact Technologies (GIT) is an enterprise established in 2018 to accelerate alternative energy technologies to low income communities in sub Saharan Africa countries. The enterprise uses market systems approach to deploy Solar water pumps, solar home systems, biogas systems, Stand-alone Solar PV Systems, liquefied petroleum gas for cooking and improved cook stoves (Charcoal and Firewood). It seeks to promote clean energy access by conducting awareness, advocacy in energy access, practical training on energy technologies, promotion of energy efficiency/conservation initiatives, distribution of energy technologies through proven business models, and development of mini grids.

GIT supplies low cost, durable energy solutions to both on and off-grid households in Malawi and beyond. In addition to the different household solutions, the enterprise provides commercial on grid and off grid energy solutions, Improved cook stoves, Organic fertilizers, Energy efficient lighting systems. Energy auditing, Solar water heaters, Biogas systems, liquefied Petroleum Gas for cooking, Solar water pumping solutions applicable for households and for smallholder farmers. The use of fuel wood on open fires is a big hazard as it is said to contribute to household air pollution (HAP) directly linked to many respiratory related morbidity and mortality. GIT would like to play its part by contributing to the reduction of HAP through the distribution and promotion of energy efficient cooking solutions.

Contribute to clean energy awareness, advocacy and access for all.
Board Chairperson

Fredrick Munthali he has more than twenty five years of professional experience working in both private and public sectors at operational, technical and managerial levels. Fredrick, trained at the Polytechnic – University of Malawi and University of Nottingham, is a Registered Engineer with the Malawi Board of Engineers. Fredrick has worked in manufacturing industry, environmental regulation, academia and research (Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Environment) and research management. Fredrick is skilled in engineering, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, teaching and research, research and project management.

Founder and Managing Director

Admore Chiumia is the founder of Green Impact Technologies (GIT), he has more than eight years of professional experience working to expand delivery of energy solutions in Malawi and beyond. Admore was educated in energy systems at Mzuzu University, University of Malawi Polytechnic and with supplementary training at the University of California Davis, USA.His professional network spans Malawi, Nigeria,Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, UK and United States of America.

Business Development Manager

Joyce Sikwese is a Business Development Manager with over 3 years of professional experience who is responsible for improving Green Impact Technologies’ market position and maximizing its financial growth. She leads in liaising with business partners and stakeholders, identifying new business opportunities, and keeping up to date with the market trends. Joyce is a holder of Bsc in Enterprise Development and microfinance obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.