About Us

Green Impact Technologies(GI-Tech) is a Malawian enterprise. It was established in September, 2018. The enterprise is developing innovative clean-energy deployment mechanisms of technologies in Malawi. It seeks to promote clean energy access by conducting awareness and advocacy in energy access, practical training to youths on energy technologies, promotion of energy efficiency/conservation initiatives, distribution of Energy Technologies through proven business models, and development of mini grids in Malawi.

GI-Tech supplies low cost, durable lighting energy solutions to both on and off-grid households. In addition to the different household solutions, GI-Tech also provides commercial off-grid outdoor power and lighting solutions and water pumping solutions applicable for households and farms. The use of fuel wood on open fires is a big hazard as it is said to contribute to household air pollution (HAP) directly linked to many respiratory related morbidity and mortality. GI-Tech would like to play its part by contributing to the reduction of HAP through the distribution and promotion of energy efficient cooking solutions.

Malawi has many perennial rivers and reliable solar-wind resource despite only 10% of the population is electrified. Hydropower, bio gas, wind, and Solar holds a lot of potential for the Malawian energy sector as a clean source of energy. The development of small scale (micro and Pico) systems might be the future for the more than 80% population not connected to the grid. GI-Tech will partner with impact investors to spearhead such a future.

Our Goal

Contribute to clean energy awareness, advocacy and access for all

Admore Samuel Chiumia

Admore is the founder of Green Impact Technologies (GI-Tech) trained in Renewable Energy Systems by Mzuzu University and University of California Davis. Admore has strong capacity in clean energy deployment, Clean Energy deployment, energypreneur, policy and legal framework analysis. His professional network spans Malawi,Zimbabwe, Nigeria,Botswana,Kenya, UK and United States of America.





































Mbumba Chigalu
Business Development Manager

MBUMBA Mita is the Business and Development Manager, she holds a  bachelor of Business Administration. she has worked in the energy sector and development related work for the past 7 years. She is responsible for partnerships, business development,  marketing and develop bespoke campaigns to relevant prospects,Developing a targeted long-term new business strategy,and foster growth in these key areas for the future.


Sales and Marketing

Here is our Sales and Marketing Team: on the Left (Clement Biscuit), Middle (Joyce Sikwese) and Right (Sherine Maocha)



















Enock Palapandu​​
Technical Lead

Enock holds bacheror of Science in Renewable Energy Technologies from Mzuzu University with 4 years technical experience. He is currently testing a local design of vacuum storage with funding from ATDF entrepreneurs Hub at MK cooling Systems Company. He provides overall technical guidance in projects implemented by Green Impact  Technologies.




































Charles Lowoka
Compliance Officer

Charles is Financial Management consultant with experience over 5 years in Financial  compliance,  budgeting systems, Project management. He hold Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investments (Economics)  from University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, serves as compliance officer Green Impact Technologies, currently he is pursuing MSc in Procurement and Supply Chain management with University of Bolton, Malawi Institute of Management.




























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