Awareness and Advocacy in “energy access for all” is a project which targeted 5000 youths in universities and colleges. The project aimed at driving top of the mind awareness in energy access for all to youths so that they are advocates, promoters of energy technologies and energy efficiency/conservation measures. The project was initiated by the enterprise funded by World Learning which was implemented at Mzuzu University, Mzuzu Technical College, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lilongwe Technical Colleges, Blantyre Soche Technical College, and Malawi University of Science and Technology

With support from World Learning, US department of state, GI Tech implemented the Malawi Off-Grid Energy Markets Outreach project, the project with an idea to develop 50MW off-grid business from 10 potential market places targeting 3,500,000 prospective customers (comprising cooperatives, farmer’s clubs, schools, clinics, village loans groups,anchor loads, small businesses and individuals) in rural areas of Malawi. ​This project created potential markets places for different products and services such as Solar Home Systems, Pico Hydro turbines, solar water heaters, wind power, solar power, and bio gas power.

Young women in solar Technology is a project that was supported by US American Embassy Malawi which aimed at training young women in solar technology in Lilongwe. The initiative managed to train 50 young women in designing and installations of Solar home systems. The project was initiated due to the following factors: Due to gender imbalance Girls in the Malawi communities do not challenge STEM courses at school therefore it acted as a motivation to challenge the status quo. Poverty level makes girls to be challenged in the communities. Young women trained in solar are able to generate income through installations and maintainers of the solar technologies. Energy situation in Malawi is far from promising therefore contribution of girls in solar initiative created an awareness on available technologies that could be adopted in the community to climb the sustainable energy global frame work ladder. The trained young women were also equipped with knowledge on energy conservation which increases energy access.

GI Tech has been distributing Solar Home Systems through Pay As You Go Business Model since it started and to date has sold over 25000 Solar Home Systems in Malawi. The systems are sold through retail sales agents recruited in the distribution channel who are highly motivated.

Green Impact Technologies envision to distribute over 100,000 Solar Home Systems through Pay As You Go Business Model by 2020.


  • Energy feasibility Assessments
    GI Tech conducted a rapid assessment of potential development of mini grids in Nkhatabay, Mzimba and Likoma Island. Apparently, it is looking for potential partners to conduct a detailed feasibility studies for the sites to establish level of effort and business case of mini grids in the are
  • Forestry
    GI Tech promotes re-afforestation through production of tree seedlings to curb climate change
  • Agriculture
    GI Tech is currently exploring initiatives that would promote agriculture diversification and break the cycle of poverty through production throughout the year.