1. Solar water pumps

The solar water pumping systems draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal into the surface. The systems are paid on pay as you go basis to smallholder farmers in associations, cooperatives and individual customers.

Energy for productive use
2. Stand-alone Solar PV Systems

Green Impact provides Stand-alone systems to households, companies, cooperatives and associations that are used for powering machinery, small scale processing and other productive uses.

3. Solar Home Systems
GIT provides affordable Solar home systems to underserved communities in Malawi and beyond.
4. Improved Charcoal Stoves
Green Impact promotes the adoption of fuel-efficient Cook stove Technologies to reduce consumption of biomass (firewood and Charcoal) for cooking in the process reducing forests degradation.
5. Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Cooking
Green Impact is providing LPG gas stoves targeting low income households in Peri urban areas so that these households shift from the use of unsustainable Charcoal to LPG for cooking.
6. Biogas Systems
Green Impact deploys biogas systems using Kitchen food wastes and vegetable market wastes for households and institutional use. The biogas systems provide gas for cooking and organic fertilizer which is used by smallholder farmers for farming.
7. Solar Street lights
Green Impact installs and provides technical assistance in energy efficiency through the use of Solar Street lights for homes, municipality and other commercial entities. Furthermore, GIT conducts energy auditing for buildings and commercial entities to facilitate energy conservation by identifying and implementing various energy saving options, leading in awareness and monitoring their energy consumption.