Tsangano turn off Market in Ntcheu District is one of the largest vegetable markets in Malawi. The market is located along the M1 Road along the border with Mozambique. The market supports both Malawian and Mozambican vegetable farmers, making it one of the busiest markets in the country. The market is associated with huge quantities of vegetable waste such as tomatoes, onions, Irish Potatoes and cabbages. Managing such waste is becoming a big challenge due to lack of proper waste management services at market. Waste remains uncollected and most of times dumped in open spaces.
More vegetable waste will continue to be generated, leading to a high demand for waste management services at the market and the surrounding communities. Green Impact Technologies in partnership with Malawi University of Science and Technologies with support from Science Granting Councils and National Commission for Science and Technology have developed a Biogas Plant which will be operated commercial Model. The plant will produce gas which will be sold to women entrepreneurs who are running some fast foods / restaurants at Tsangano Turn off Market and the surrounding households. The Bio Slurry shall be processed to fertiliser manure and sold to smallholder farmers.

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